Thursday 10 December

Max had an appointment at the vets this morning to remove his stitches.  He was very brave.   We discovered he was ticklish as it took two of us to hold him down while the vet worked with his quick unpick.   The scar has healed beautifully and Max can now resume all normal activities.

Waiting to see the vet after us was a small black terrier who had come in with a cone of shame hanging off his collar and its owner tried twice to put it back on but the terrier was clearly having none of it. Max took pity on it and was happy to donate his inflatable blue ruff as he didn’t need it any more.

After that we called round to see Summer who was so excited to see Dandad that her Mummy and Nanny didn’t get a look in for the rest of the day.

IMG_2425 IMG_2429 IMG_2434

Late afternoon we all went to the local garden centre where there are some fantastic Christmas displays.   Summer led the way round with Dandad in hot pursuit and when she suggested we go for  ‘cake’, we reluctantly followed her into the cafe.


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