Wednesday 9 December


We arrived back on the boat today after extending our visit home by two extra days so that we could see Hull Truck’s pantomime Sleeping Beauty last night.  [Richard Sutherland’s review sums it up beautifully]

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and can recommend it to children young and old.  An army of volunteers have been busy knitting and crocheting items that adorned the beautifully built set.   Last night was Press Night and it was good to see the auditorium  full and buzzing. We had front row seats and at one point I was a little anxious that we might have to stand up and join in with the dancing. I ended up holding the baby for a while in the second half – a proper Nana!

Before we embarked on this waterways journey I worked at Hull Truck for a number of years and it was nice to catch up with so many friends in the bar afterwards.

The boat felt quite chilly when we got back today and it is taking a while for the stove to get up to temperature but it’s getting there.

Having lit the fire I popped to Sainsburys for supplies and we’ve had a liver and bacon casserole for tea with creamy mash and vegetables!


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