Monday 30 November

After an early walk Max went to the vets for his hernia op at 8.30 am.   After an anxious wait for news, we finally got the call at 4pm to say we could pick him up.  The op wasn’t quite as straight forward as the vet had thought it should be and they had to carry out other tests on what was removed as there was some lymph fluid in it.  The vet confirms that the tests came back OK and she’s found nothing  sinister.  Max has to go back in 48 hours for a check up and until then he is to rest, be kept warm, no climbing stairs, no climbing on the sofa and all walks are to be on a lead and just in the garden, with light meals only.   He has come home with a smart padded neck collar and a selection of antibiotic pills and anti-inflammatries, to be taken with food which he can start taking tomorrow morning.   Until then he can have a little food and as much water as he wants.


At the moment Max is in agreement with that and is laid between my feet keeping very still and looking quite miserable.


2 thoughts on “Monday 30 November

  1. Poor Max and you. I hope he is feeling a bit happier in himself this morning.
    Not heard of a padded neck collar, does it do the same as a lampshade only less humiliating for Max. Glad they didn’t send MIck home with one though!
    Wishing Max a speedy recovery. x

    • He’s much better today thank you. They tried to give him a cone of shame but he protested loudly. He worries about his street cred! Hopefully Mick isn’t trying to lick his wound quite like Max!

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