Sunday 22 November

Still no frost or snow.  We had a Sunday morning treat of a cooked breakfast before we headed off under sunny skies.

Max and I walked as far as Tattenhall Marina before we got back on board (a brisk walk of 45 minutes along the tow path) while Storm motored alongside us.

We chugged slowly past Golden Nook moorings where 130 boats moor non-towpath side for a distance of at least a mile.  Thereafter kingfishers taunted us by flying off just as our bow got level with them and then flying ahead out of camera range again and again.

We’d hoped to stop in Waverton but the village doesn’t seem to encourage boaters as there is nothing to moor to and so we carried on to Christleton.  By the time we got to Waverton the sun had disappeared and the temperature had dropped and it continued to do so for the rest of the afternoon.  I suspect we may see frost tonight.

Anyway, once moored up on the rings in Christleton we spent the afternoon keeping warm indoors and doing Christmas related craft things.


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