Monday 16 November

Last week we were woken most mornings at 6.30am by Summer’s arrival at our bed side and our time clocks haven’t readjusted yet. This morning we had a coffee in bed and read until the clock reached a more sociable hour.

Storm popped to the garage that sells the cheap diesel to check they were open. While he was walking along the towpath he bumped into a guy who had a can of beans and a tin opener in one hand and a tin of tuna in the other. The guy felt the need to explain to Storm that the guy on the boat in front of us had given him the tins. He then explained he’d spent the night in a tent with his wife and they were making their way to their home in Wrexham having been to Evesham chasing a job that had gone by the time they got there and having spent all their money getting there they had no option but to walk back.

Cheap diesel at Tavern Bridge, Wheaton Aston

Cheap diesel at Tavern Bridge, Wheaton Aston

With Storm back on board we cast off and moved down to the winding hole, to turn round before pulling in just after the bridge to fill up with diesel at 54.9p/litre.


Church Eaton Turnover Bridge where the towpath changes sides


A lovely sunny morning

It was a lovely sunny morning, although slightly cooler than of late, and our cruise back to Gnossal was very pleasant.   We spotted a couple of kingfishers and we even managed to motor closely past one but it was still too far away for a decent photograph.

As we approached Gnossal we overtook the couple who were down on their luck as they waded through the mud on the towpath, weighed down by their rucksacks and tent. They walked past us as we were mooring up and we handed them something for lunch and wished them well with their walk home. They still have another 40 miles to go before they reach home and the forecast for tomorrow is for more torrential rain.  They weren’t looking for anything – they just passed the time of day.


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