Sunday 15 November

After a good night’s sleep despite the wind, we had a bowl of porridge for breakfast and listened to The Archer’s Omnibus before making a move. Afterwards I took Max for a quick walk round the village, keeping to the tarmac footpath, as the towpath is a bit of a quagmire after all the recent rain.

Back at the beginning of the month when we passed through Wheaton Aston we passed a boatyard selling cheap diesel but it was closed, and today we decided to head back that way to fill up, as it’s the cheapest we’ve seen.   We headed to Norbury Junction to wind, fill up with water, empty the rubbish and go through their extensive book swap collection, exchanging five of our books, before heading back through Gnossal to Wheaton Aston. We put on a load of washing as we left Norbury.

For lunch I wrapped four small spuds in foil and put them in the stove to cook and after half an hour we ate them with some home-made coleslaw which I’d mixed with some low calorie salad dressing and natural yoghurt as we’re trying to adopt a healthier diet and lose a bit more weight before Christmas.

We made it back to Wheaton Aston before it got dark and moored up and then I made a chicken korma from scratch for tea.



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