Saturday 14 November


Manchester Central Station Clock with views beyond


The stunning Midland Hotel with its tiled facade

This blog marks the start of our third year on the boat. We’ve been away for eight days to stay with Laura, Marc & Summer. While  away I got my camera back and we managed to do the majority of our Christmas shopping, attend an eco-exhibition at Manchester Central (opposite the impressive Midland Hotel) and make some plans for next year. In April 2016 James and Ali are getting married, and Laura, Marc & Summer are expecting the arrival of our second grandchild which means we may be spending more time on land than water initially.   We also think we’ve found a mooring which we can take from 1 January where we can leave the boat without any worries for longer than two weeks at a time.

The bus service from Gnossal to Stafford and the train from there to Chester meant we could get door to door in less than two hours and we could get there and back for less than £30 for the two of us. A small price to pay to let the train take the strain!

I’d shopped on line with Morrisons on Thursday for a Saturday afternoon delivery between 4 and 5 which arrived at 4pm and we even got a call ten minutes before arrival to let us know it was on its way allowing us to be ready with bags in hand to flag the van down nearer to the bridge than The Boat Inn carpark. This on-line shopping is so easy and convenient for us.

The first priority once back on the boat is to light the stove and we popped the diesel central heating on for a while to help warm the boat up.

During the afternoon the weather deteriorated and heavy rain and strong winds persuaded us to head out to The Boat for a drink after tea where we found a seat near the roaring open fire. The locals chatted with us and made us feel most welcome. Another pleasant evening!



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