Thursday 5 November

After taking Max for his walk this morning, we caught the bus to Newport, a market town about mid-way between Stafford and Telford.

Storm used his bus bass and I had to pay the princely sum of £2.60 each way (they didn’t offer return tickets on this Aviva bus!).  I could have bought a DayRover that would allowed me to tour the wider area but that would have cost £6.20 for the day and we knew we wouldn’t be exploring any further afield!

The bus dropped us off outside Waitrose and from there we walked up and down the high street looking at some really nice architecture and lots of independent shops, charity shops , cafes, tea shops, gift shops, hairdressers and nail salons. The usual list of multiples were missing – not even a WH Smiths!   We eventually managed to buy some printer cartridges at a computer repair shop for our Epson printer after we’d been directed there by Waitrose.

Beyond the church we found the Newport  Canal, some of which is in water and is part of a lengthy restoration project but one of the locks and under the bridge had been filled in..  It closed in 1944 but prior to that ran from Norbury Junction on the ‘Shroppie’ to Shrewsbury.

GetAttachment-1.aspx GetAttachment-2.aspx GetAttachment.aspx

By lunchtime it was raining and so we headed back to Waitrose for a coffee and a bun before catching the bus back to Gnossal (pronounced “Knows All” according to one of the many information boards found around the village that tell you what the village has to offer).

Max was pleased to see us but he turned his nose up at the chance of another walk when he saw the weather!


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