Tuesday 3 November

The fog had thinned this morning and it was time for us to leave our 48 hour mooring in Brewood.

Having cleared the roof of leaves we headed out of the cutting and soon our phones pinged to let us know that we had an internet signal so we pulled in just long enough to post the three blogs we’ve been trying to publish this week.

Max and I then set off to walk the three miles to Wheaton Aston leaving Storm to helm the boat.  Most of our walk was in a cutting with little chance for a long distance view but we did spot a couple of kingfishers that took flight as we got level with them.  We crossed Telford’s splendid cast iron aqueduct over the A5 London to Holyhead road but otherwise our journey was uneventful.


We passed another empty CRT designated winter mooring site at Wheaton Aston and we are wondering what take-up they’ve had this year as the mooring sites we’ve seen are very isolated and away from roads, pubs, services and are even away from other short-term visitor mooring sites.

After Wheaton Aston lock we filled up with water and emptied our waste, after which Max and I got back on board and we motored on to Gnossal Heath together.

We’ve found a spot where we can moor under the terms of our licence as we plan to stay here about 12 days, and the added bonus is that we have good internet and phone signal – Hurrah!


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