Sunday 1 November

We enjoyed a cooked breakfast while we waited to see if the dense fog would lift. By the time we’d cleared away the sun was starting to force its way through and visibility improved.


In the field next to our mooring, was a rather large bull, who seemed to enjoy our company. He’d spent both nights standing just the other side of the fence from the boat making deep and low noises as he rubbed himself against the fence between us. As we moved off he gave quite a bellow as if he was saying cheerio.

Storm walked the three miles with Max to Brewood (pronounced Brood by the locals) while I skippered the boat.

We passed a CRT designated winter mooring site, which was empty and I must say I’m not surprised. There is a wide concrete ledge which is hidden under the water, that runs the whole length of the mooring and the canal bed is shallow making it nigh on impossible to get into the side, and the only way of mooring up would have been to use mooring pins which wouldn’t have been ideal as the canal bank was very spongy as it was so wet. This is the second site we’ve passed since the CRT erected their winter mooring signage and so far I’m glad I haven’t paid additional fees for the privilege!

We moored up near The Bridge public house and went into the village for a few vegetables and came back and made some soup and spaghetti Bolognese for tea. We tried to post the blog but the signal wasn’t strong enough and we should have remembered that we will struggle to get a signal on this canal, as the “Shroppie” as its affectionately known amongst boaters, is notorious for its lack of signal. We’re going to have to stop between mooring sites I think to get one.   Admitting defeat, we instead headed out to the pub for an early drink.

As we visited The Bridge pub last time we were here, we decided to head to The Swan in the village centre.   It was amazingly busy, in fact packed out, and we were lucky to get the last two stools. It doesn’t serve food and we couldn’t find any other reason than that it is so welcoming as to why it was so busy. On a cold, damp, foggy night it was just what the doctor ordered.


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