Saturday 31 October

(Sorry for the late posting – we’ve had signal problems!)

We were up early to buy the Saturday papers and walk Max before leaving him on board while we headed to RAF Cosford.

After our concern yesterday, we had no problem buying a ticket on the train without being asked for any travel permit. (We did spot another family group standing beside the travel permit machine who looked to be wondering what to do!)

On arrival at Cosford there was a sign announcing that the museum was half a mile down the road, and a large arrowed showed us which way to go.

Entrance to the museum was free and so we bought a souvenir guidebook and made a donation to help with the upkeep of the exhibits.

There were four hangers to explore, each with a specific theme, as well as lengthy time line showing the history of the Royal Flying Corp and the RAF from 1912 to the current day. There were over 80 planes to look at amongst which were a number of prototypes built to test a new theory or a line of research.   This made you realise how brave the test pilots were who then had to fly the planes to check whether the modifications had worked!




The Cold War Hanger





Like most museums you need longer than you think and we found it interesting as we spent six hours there without even thinking about the time.



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