Monday 2 November

There was thick fog this morning and it was noticeably cooler – still no ice though. With no internet signal, and a phone signal only achieved if you stand outside, we debated whether to move on or stay put today. Storm was expecting an important phone call this morning and he decided that we should stay put because if all else failed he could go and stand on the bridge to take the call. We tested that his phone would ring if he left it under the rear canopy.

With the decision made, Max and I headed off along the tow path for a walk, leaving Storm to take his call in peace.

My smartphone got a signal as I walked letting me see incoming emails for the first time in 24 hours. Our lack of contact with the outside world had caused slight concern and so I let them know we were still alive after our visit to Cosford.

The increase in moisture levels has caused the trees to shed their leaves faster and the boat is now well camouflaged.



While we’ve been in Staffordshire Storm has been keen to try out their widely advertised ‘traditional oatcakes’. The butchers in the village was advertising some home-made ones for sale and so we took the plunge.   They were not what I was expecting – I thought he would hand me a box of biscuit-type cakes, which would be quite dry in texture and very ‘oaty’, but I was handed a plastic bag, from the fridge, of something that resembled pancakes.

The serving suggestion on the bag said that they could be eaten hot or cold with either a sweet or savoury topping or filling.   We tried them cold, one with a sweet and one with a savoury topping.   The texture and taste reminded me more of a scotch pancake.

With it being so damp and misty, we stayed in for the rest of the day keeping warm near the stove.

(If you don’t hear from us again this week it’s because we’re heading into another cutting for a day or two).


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