Monday 30 November

After an early walk Max went to the vets for his hernia op at 8.30 am.   After an anxious wait for news, we finally got the call at 4pm to say we could pick him up.  The op wasn’t quite as straight forward as the vet had thought it should be and they had to carry out other tests on what was removed as there was some lymph fluid in it.  The vet confirms that the tests came back OK and she’s found nothing  sinister.  Max has to go back in 48 hours for a check up and until then he is to rest, be kept warm, no climbing stairs, no climbing on the sofa and all walks are to be on a lead and just in the garden, with light meals only.   He has come home with a smart padded neck collar and a selection of antibiotic pills and anti-inflammatries, to be taken with food which he can start taking tomorrow morning.   Until then he can have a little food and as much water as he wants.


At the moment Max is in agreement with that and is laid between my feet keeping very still and looking quite miserable.


Saturday 28 November

After a walk with his girlfriend, Poppy, Max headed to the vets for his vaccination booster this morning.  Whilst there I asked the vet to look at his umbilical hernia which has returned and is somewhat bigger than it was last year.  The vet agreed that this now needs some action and she booked him in for an operation on Monday.  Max’s bold leaps from the boat roof to the towpath have exacerbated the problem.


Friday 27 November

A visit to IKEA beckoned and even though it was Black Friday, it wasn’t that busy in the store and we managed to find all that we wanted and replace the crockery we broke back in August when we caught our button fender on the lock gate.

James & Ali were pleased to see us and we enjoyed an evening in the local.

Thursday 26 November

Yesterday was spent tidying, sorting, and cleaning the inside of the boat and this wasn’t worthy of a blog post.

IMG_2356 IMG_2365 IMG_2375 IMG_2377

Today we had an appointment at “Soft Play” with Summer and Laura and we had to be up early to be there in good time.  We spent a couple of hours climbing, sliding, jumping, riding, chasing and being chased, before heading back to Summer’s for lunch and a nap (Summer that is, not us!).

We left just before tea-time after a busy afternoon and we had tears as we left as Summer wanted to come with us.  One day soon, hopefully.

Tomorrow it is James’ and Ali’s turn for some TLC.

Tuesday 14 November

As our cruising plans for next year are to be subject to revision in light of the impending arrival of grandchild number two, we’ve taken the drastic step of buying a car.  Today was collection day.

Once we’d picked it up we went round to see Laura and Marc who had just got back from their 20 week baby scan and were keen to show us a photo of their developing ‘Bump’.   All is well.  After that they kicked some tyres.

Monday 13 November

It was certainly chilly last night and the ground outside was white over – so cold even the ducks didn’t want to move.  Usually when Max bounds anywhere near them they waddle off into the water, but they allowed him to nuzzle them while they stayed put.

To keep Max off the bed we usually sleep with the door to the salon closed, but last night we had to open it to let the warm air filter through from the stove.  He didn’t join us immediately, but we found him lying between us this morning.

This morning there was frenzied activity on the towpath just in front of us with at least a dozen guys in hard hats and hi-viz jackets standing watching a crane lower first a floating pontoon across the canal and then a small power boat.   We learnt that someone had poisoned a tree and it needed to be cut down before its dead branches started dropping into the canal.


One man and a chain saw in the tree made short work of cutting through the main branches of the tree, after which the crane lifted the branches clear and deposited them on some grass between the road and the canal where an army of chain saws were used to carve the trunk into locks.  Had the chain saws been tuned to different tones, they could have made an exciting sound.


Going, going …



Health & Safety legislation demanded that pedestrians be kept well away while the jib of the crane was over the canal but they kept the canal open to boaters and just swung the pontoon to one side to let boats pass.

In the afternoon we walked from Christleton to Aldi at Broughton to get some vegetables and we showed enormous restraint by scurrying past the cakes and biscuit stand so as not to be tempted by their syrup waffles or any of their seasonal cakes.

When we passed by the site of the poisoned tree later, the workmen had all gone and there were a couple of opportunist motorists helping themselves to the  logs they could lift.

Later we enjoyed a couple of pints of Wainwright in the snug of the Cheshire Cat, where we sat in front of the roaring open fire.





Sunday 22 November

Still no frost or snow.  We had a Sunday morning treat of a cooked breakfast before we headed off under sunny skies.

Max and I walked as far as Tattenhall Marina before we got back on board (a brisk walk of 45 minutes along the tow path) while Storm motored alongside us.

We chugged slowly past Golden Nook moorings where 130 boats moor non-towpath side for a distance of at least a mile.  Thereafter kingfishers taunted us by flying off just as our bow got level with them and then flying ahead out of camera range again and again.

We’d hoped to stop in Waverton but the village doesn’t seem to encourage boaters as there is nothing to moor to and so we carried on to Christleton.  By the time we got to Waverton the sun had disappeared and the temperature had dropped and it continued to do so for the rest of the afternoon.  I suspect we may see frost tonight.

Anyway, once moored up on the rings in Christleton we spent the afternoon keeping warm indoors and doing Christmas related craft things.