Wednesday 28 October

Wednesday is market day in Penkridge (as is Saturday).  It’s not just any market though as it is huge and sells an extensive selection of wares from live chickens, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, tools, clothing, hardware, dog food, grave headstones, plants, toys and more.  We wanted a hosepipe.  We’d heard that this was a good place to buy a Magic Snake Hose provided it had metal connectors rather than plastic.  We’ve had one before with plastic fittings and we’re always having to repair it.   The good news is that we found one and checked it had metal connectors.  100m hose at £20 – a bargain.

Storm also bought himself some grinding wheels for his Dremmel to help grind our small areas of rust away.  I think I know what we’re going to be doing next week now.

Cuttlestones Auctioneers also hold a weekly auction next to the market and having paid a £1 for the catalogue we were allowed to pop in to experience their weekly Home & Garden Sale.  Auctions have always fascinated me .   At least in furniture auctions you can understand what the auctioneer is saying, unlike cattle auctions where I’ve never understood a single word they say.

Penkridge village was very busy and the chip shop and bakery were also doing good business .  Having done our bit for the local economy we returned to the boat and moved off.

The morning had been overcast but by early afternoon we were shedding layers in the warm sunshine.  We passed through six locks and headed towards Hatherton Marina where we pulled in and moored up on the first available sheeting rail.


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