Sunday 25 October

We had a lie in and watched the clock tick round to 8 am new time.

Boats were on the move early this morning as there are quite a few hire boats out and about with it being half-term. We took advantage of a full lock to head down through Star Lock to join the queue of boats waiting to fill up with water. I popped to Morrisons to buy some dog food while Storm waited his turn for the tap.

With a full tank we switched on the washing machine and headed off towards Haywood Junction (9.5 miles and 3 more locks).

Tixall Wide with Tixall Gatehouse in the Background

Tixall Wide with Tixall Gatehouse to the right

At Haywood Junction we turned onto the Staffs & Worcester Canal and moored up at Tixall Wide, a site noted for its Kingfisher population. We hadn’t been moored up long when I went to step off the boat and disturbed one sitting on our tiller. Where is your camera when you need it? This is the closest I have ever been to one of these magnificent birds.


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