Saturday 24 October

We spent the morning taking Max for a walk and picked up the Saturday papers on the way. We also discovered Mountford’s ironmongery and hardware shop. We’d been told that it would sell whatever we needed and we’d expected a huge store, but instead it was a very small shop but what a gem – we did get all we wanted!

Heavy rain was forecast for noon and we made it back to the boat just in the nick of time.

The afternoon was spent keeping warm and dry in front of the stove, reading the papers and testing our skill and knowledge with the various crosswords and puzzles.

By late afternoon the sun was shining again and I took Max for a walk down by the nearby River Trent. Here the river is about 20ft wide and fairly shallow but deep enough for canoeists and we stood and watched the youngsters weave their way through the slalom course, which was certainly a popular pastime as there were canoes all over the place.

We spent a quiet night in watching a film, a comedy drama – My Old Woman – starring Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristen Scott Thomas – a thought provoking film about relationships.


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