Thursday 22 October

Our day began with a lovely Skype call to Laura and Summer. After that it was breakfast, a quick trip to the village store in Barlaston before heading for Stone, a distance of 3.5 miles and 7 locks.

After a breezy start to the day that carpeted the canal with leaves, it turned into another warm sunny day. Knowing what to wear and how many layers varies from hour to hour.

Carpeted canal

Carpeted canal

We followed a sole boater and he and Storm had a good chat as they worked the locks.

We arrived into Stone at lunch time and passed the Mikron Theatre boat that looked quite at home here as it’s surrounded by many other wooden working boats. We assume it’s going to spend the winter here. Mikron travels the canal taking theatre performances to canal side venues.   I’ve known of Mikron since it was first established. Long before then, when I was a child I used to play with one of its founder members, Sarah, at my grandparents house near Halifax and as I grew up they used to enjoy telling me of her success with Mikron way back in the early 70’s.    I came across Mikron again when I worked at Hull Truck; the only shame is that so far I haven’t managed to see any of their performances.

We’re staying in Stone for a couple of days to stock up at the nearby Morrisons and to let Storm get on with some drawing work. No doubt we’ll be visiting The Swan again too.


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