Monday 19 October

Catching a bus to Leek from Stoke on Trent was easy, once we’d worked out by comparing posters in different bus shelters on different sides of the road that ‘City Centre’ meant Hanley and not ‘Stoke’!   So once standing at a bus shelter on the opposite side of the road to where we started from, we caught the correct bus and a “Potteries Rider” meant that I could travel all day around the Staffordshire area for just £4. Amazing value!

The bus ride was fascinating as we kept recognising short stretches of road we’d walked along earlier in the last week, from our visits up from the canal in search of civilisation when we’d thought we were in quite remote areas of countryside whereas riding on the bus confirmed that really we’d been passing through quite built up areas and if only we’d walked just another 250 yards each time, we’d have discovered a whole lot more! We also hadn’t realised that we’d been following the same main road – the A53.

At Morrisons I was soon reunited with my misplaced bank card and after a coffee in their café we caught the bus back again.

After lunch we walked towards ‘Stoke Station’ somewhere we’ve passed through many times on the train. The station buildings were built in 1848 and have a strong Elizabethan and Jacobean influence and are said to be one of the best examples of formal-grouped railway architecture remaining in the UK.


From there we walked towards Stoke Minster where Josiah Wedgewood is buried and from there we picked up part of the heritage trail that points out other places of interest such as the old Market which has recently been converted into the library, and the former white tiled Co-operative Building that is now a bargain basement type shop that sells anything and everything.

The Market - now a library

  The Market – now a library


The former Co-op

We decided that Stoke has more places of past interest than current interest although the Portmeirion Factory shop was well worth a visit.   We began our Christmas shopping today!


We also spotted this interesting Fiat 500 that was proud to display how much its grown!


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