Sunday 18 October

We were woken at 8am by the phone ringing. After a chat with Laura, who’d expected us to be up, we had a coffee in bed before getting up. After a slice of toast, spread with our rather good ‘hedgerow jelly’ we set off through three lift bridges and one lock to Stoke on Trent.


I wanted to pop back to Debenhams to buy something I’d spotted last week. At the till though I couldn’t find my bank card. This triggered mild panic but I had sufficient cash on me so I paid for my goods and then we headed back to the boat so I could check pockets etc. As we walked, I re-traced in my head where I used it last, and decided that it had been in Morrisons in Leek on Friday lunch-time.

Google came up with their phone number and a quick call later determined that Morrisoins did have my card and so tomorrow we’re heading back to Leek to pick it up, but on the bus this time.  It’s only 8 miles.   At least Storm can use his new free bus pass again. We’re moored in Hanley Park this evening, and I’m feeling a little foolish.


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