Saturday 17 October

A cool and damp morning didn’t encourage us to rise too early.

After a late breakfast we trekked across the field to the nearby garage for the Saturday papers and we had another coffee while we browsed the headlines and waited for the weather to decide what it was going to do today.

By 11am patches of blue sky looked promising and we decided to move a mile and a half and down five locks to Stockton Brook.

A kingfisher taunted us as we motored, just staying out of clear camera focus as he flew off when we got near.

At the penultimate lock I spotted some windfall apples and a heap of brambles and having gathered two pounds of each I set about making some “Hedgerow Jelly”.   The jam bag was put to good use and we now have six pots of wonderful seedless jam.  Free food tastes so good.


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