Thursday 15 October

Our Tesco delivery arrived well within the hour’s delivery slot allotted, although the driver was amazed how we were able to access the internet from a boat without a permanent mooring.


Turning onto the Leek Branch


Leek tunnel

We were so close to the junction with the Leek Branch that we took Max for a walk and an explore and enjoyed the walk so much we decided to go back to the boat and head down the junction the 2.5 miles towards Leek. The canal now terminates half a mile south of the town, the remaining half mile having been filled in and an industrial site built over it.


The view from the top of the town over the surround countryside

We reached the terminus in time to spend the afternoon exploring the town and we were really surprised at just how lovely the town is.   We visited once before, about twenty five years ago, but had forgotten just how nice it was, as it retains so much history from its past as a major silk spinning market town. The views from the top of the town over the surrounding hillside were stunning.

We popped into the Tourist Information office and picked up a couple of leaflets about the town trail.   By now rain clouds were looming and so we headed back to the boat with a plan to spend tomorrow further exploring the town and its history.


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