Sunday 11 October

3.5 miles north of Milton lies the Knypersley Reservoir that feeds 7 – 8 million litres of water a day, via a feeder stream from the reservoir, into the Trent & Mersey summit level via the Caldon Canal.

After a cooked breakfast and the Archers’ omnibus we moved the boat a mile along the canal through Engine Lock and Norton Green Lock Bridge before mooring up and taking the public footpath that follows the feeder stream from the Caldon to the reservoir, from Heakley Hall Bridge.



The 200 year old feeder stream

In the warm sunshine it was a lovely stroll through farmland along the valley bottom to the reservoir.   As we approached the reservoir we had a steep climb up the steps to reach the top of the dam and from there we walked all around both Knypersley Pool and Serpentine Reservoir.   Sadly the café in the car park was closed today as the owners had gone off to cruise the Broads.

The steep climb to the top of the dam

The steep climb to the top of the dam


Knypersley Reservoir


Telford was the acting consultant engineer and James Potter, canal engineer, were together responsible for the building of the Knypersley Reservoir in 1826 when the original Serpentine Reservoir was found to be too small to maintain water levels in the canal.   Without the help of modern machinery, it took their men just five months to hand dig 29ft to reach a solid foundation on which to build the core of the dam.


The Warder’s Tower

We walked about seven miles today and Max is still sitting on the back step as fresh as ever and looking as if he would be willing do it all over again.


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