Friday 9 October

We had a quiet night at our mooring in Hanley Park. We’re surprised that no-one else is moored here as there are mooring rings all along the park edge and it’s a lovely setting.


It was another lovely warm sunny morning so Max and I went off to play in the park. He zig-zagged through the undergrowth looking for sticks but once found refused to part with them so the only way we could play was for me to find a stick too and then I could fool him into dropping his by threatening to throw mine.  He got a good run.

Storm had had quite a few emails to attend to but once his business was complete, we left Max on board and headed into Hanley to visit the Potteries Museum.   When we were last here in 2010 we couldn’t gain access to the museum because it was closed to the public for Charles & Camilla to look at the Staffordshire Hoard. Today it was our turn.

In addition to the Hoard we also visited the Spitfire Gallery that celebrated the achievements of locally born lad, Reginald Mitchell, who designed the Spitfire aeroplane.   We also walked round the Local History and Natural History sections. The stuffed bird exhibits allowed me to test my knowledge and see if I could name the species before needing to put my glasses on to read the labels.   I think I recognised about 75% – at least these ones didn’t fly away.

Stoke has a sculpture trail that comprises 40 different sculptures but sadly they’d run out of guide maps so we couldn’t follow this.   This  sculpture of beautifully crafted stainless steel letters is in Hanley Park and we’re still thinking of a suitable answer?


After a couple of hours of culture we went in search of a cuppa and a bun before returning to the boat.


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