Wednesday 7 October

Our sleep was disturbed by heaving rain overnight, and so we didn’t rush to get up this morning. The forecast suggested that it would have stopped raining by 11am and by 10am it had so we headed off to Stone. I walked with Max as far as Sandon Lock.


Sandon Lock steps

Today Storm steered while I did the locks and all were set in our favour. We were surprised at just how many boats were about as there seem to be more now than there were over the Summer months.

After a couple of hours we arrived into Stone and as Storm still had some more drawing work to do we moored up for the day and I went off to look round the shops. I returned with some excellent book bargains from the charity shops.

Tonight we plan to visit The Star Inn, a traditional lock-side pub which apparently dates from the 14th century (that’s four centuries before the canal!). Our Nicholson’s guide states that this is one of the old on the waterways and is noted in the Guinness Book of Records for the fact that none of the rooms are on the same level. In fact you have to be careful as you enter the pub that you don’t fall down the step into the bar, which is easily done and that’s before you’ve had a drink.


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