Monday 5 October

We’re back on the boat in Rugeley after a fun and hectic five days babysitting Summer.   We’ve also learnt that we’re going to be grandparents again in April when babysitting in Chester will take on a whole new meaning!

Storm picked up his bus pass on Saturday although we’re wondering for how long, given the latest Conservative plan to reduce pension benefits. We better make the most of it while we can!

My camera has gone off to the repairers and so the number of photographs will be greatly reduced  in the short term as my phone doesn’t take good pictures.

For the next three weeks we’re hoping to cruise the Caldon Canal into the Peak District before we head back along the Trent & Mersey as far as Great Haywood and onto the Staffs and Worcester Canal to Autherley Junction before 1 November when the winter stoppages begin.   (A journey of 103 miles and 74 locks.)

Our journey after that will take us slowly up the Shropshire Union towards Chester during November/December, as this canal remains open until the New Year.


2 thoughts on “Monday 5 October

    • Thank you. Yes Summer is fully recovered thankfully and full of beans again.

      Read about your bow incident. So easy isn’t it and scary. Lets hope we both have incident free cruising from hereon.

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