Friday 25 September

We arrived back on board just after lunch today after two weeks away.

During that time I’ve been to Es Castell in Menorca with my Mum for a fun week in the sun where we had a lovely time wining and dining in style.

The view from our apartment of Cala Fonts, Es Castell

The view from our apartment of Cala Fonts, Es Castell


Gin & tonics!

Gin & tonics!

Storm has been working as he still has one architectural project on the go, despite having officially retired six years ago. This project is for four Code 6 houses and work on one house is underway on site. Storm visits whenever he is home to check on progress and resolve any queries that have arisen from the build process. This three double bedroom house will provide the eventual owner with a zero carbon dwelling (ie generating its own electricity), a workplace, and an allotment that should be capable of growing sufficient fruit and vegetables to support a family of four for a year.

We’ve been trying to buy a smaller house in Beverley and after a frustrating couple of months we’ve learnt today that this isn’t going to be possible. At least we now know what we’re not going to be doing and so we need to make a plan of action for the immediate future.

The first thing we’re going to do is meet up with Pip and Mick tomorrow.   We’ve arranged to meet at Shardlow which is only about eleven miles and five locks from Willington. When our two boats are together (one black and one yellow) we refer to them collectively as “The Wasp”.

As it was such a nice sunny afternoon today we decided to start our journey towards Shardlow and so after stocking up with supplies at the village shop and filling our tank with water, we headed off.   Four miles and one lock later we moored up on the outskirts of Swarkestone for the night, just far enough away from the railway line to be able to get a good night’s sleep.



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