Tuesday 8 September

We had a ‘business’ day just dealing with emails and future arrangements before we headed off to The Green Man at tea-time to meet up with friends who live nearby.

We first met David & Sandra in 2010 before we set off on this adventure when we stayed with them for three nights before the boat launch and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

I’d been in contact with David and we’d arranged to catch up over a meal and a pint in their preferred pub in the village. David had kept it a secret from Sandra and she was delighted to see us.

Tuesday night is “Pie Night” there and we were lucky to find a table as we’d not booked.   The award winning ‘Parson’s pies’ were very popular and we had a choice of three different fillings to choose from. We settled for two Beef & Mustard Grain and Two Beef & Merlot. The other option was Lamb & Mint. The pies were superb and we’re happy to recommend these to everyone.

We had a lovely couple of hours with them exchanging news and we discovered that its Sandra’s birthday tomorrow and she’d been baking all day in readiness.


David had managed to smuggle out some cup cakes for us and two of them had fresh cream in so they just had to be eaten today and so after David & Sandra left, we took the buns back to the boat and had them for pudding. They were yummy. We resisted the temptation to polish the others off and put them in the fridge for tomorrow.



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