Saturday 5 September

Whittington was the next village beside the canal and this boasted a village store so we moved the boat early to try to get a paper before they sold out.

From the canal the village doesn’t look particularly exciting as it is flanked by a lot of 70’s housing, but it must have been serendipity that led us here.

The heart of the village is very pretty and the sight that met our eyes as we approached the village  centre excited Storm.  There were over twenty five classic cars parked up with their engines  running, preparing to go on a mini tour of the village to announce the opening of the local country fete.  They were all in good condition and amongst them was an Austin 7, Lagonda, Ford Capri, Riley Elf, Mini, Metro, MG Magnette, Sunbeam Talbot, Morris Minor and a Morris Traveller.    New cars just don’t provide the same excitement as each of these cars had a different engine sound, their horns all sounded different notes, and the smell of oil and petrol as they all pulled away made us nostalgic.    As the drivers pulled away they all gave us a cheery wave.

After the excitement was over we returned to the boat, only sorry that we hadn’t taken the camera or our phones with us!

We then headed off again towards Fradley Junction.   We passed the end of the Wyrley & Essington Canal where the width of the canal was restricted due to the number of moored boats, and arrived at Fradley Junction at lunchtime.   We will be visiting The Swan pub tonight – a famous canal landmark.   This is probably one of the most photographed public houses on the canal.


We were last here on 25 September 2010.


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