Tuesday 25 August

We left Braunston and headed up the North Oxford towards Rugby. At the first of the Hillmorton locks we had an incident that reminded us to stay alert at all times.

Our front button fender caught on the top of the lock gate without us noticing and as Storm raised the paddles the back of the boat dipped backwards. A frantic shout from me spurred Storm to drop the paddles and race to the other end of the lock to let some water through.   The boat by now had freed itself to the sound of broken crockery. Thankfully there was no serious damage done and we only lost one tumbler and a side plate, but it shook us up a bit.


If you look at our button fender you would wonder how we got stuck as it has lost most of its padding and you’d expect the chains to break first under the strain of 16 tonnes of boat.

Anyway we reached our destination safely and here we’ll stay until next week as we’re heading to Chester to celebrate Summer’s second birthday.







2 thoughts on “Tuesday 25 August

  1. Scary!!
    I keep meaning to make a weak point on Lillian’s fenders by half hacksawing through one link in the chain. However I haven’t done it yet though! As it happens we have removed our fenders just now as a means of getting a 59′ 6″ boat through 57′ 6″ Yorkshire locks!

    • It was scary and not least the wave we created in the lock when Blackbird dropped back in! The weak link is a good idea but I wish we’d thought of doing a Black Prince style nose and rear rubber bumper style and then there would be no need for extra consumables.

      It’s a good job you did the tunnel when you did as I see they’ve closed it until further notice.


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