Sunday 23 August

A cooked breakfast treat this morning while we waited for the diesel pump engineer to arrive.   At nine o’clock the key holder arrived and opened the shop and suggested he give the diesel pump one more try. Miraculously it worked so in the end we didn’t have to wait for the engineer and filled up with 120 litres of diesel.

We paused in Weedon Bec to visit the cash dispenser outside the Tesco Express and then headed off again towards the Buckby Lock Flight.

This harmless drunk keeps an eye everyday on the boats that pass him by and his collection of empties never changes!


We followed a shared ownership Boat Club boat for a couple of miles and this was a very welcome sight as it meant we could share the locks with them.

Momentarily our hearts sank when a boat pulled out in front of them and we thought this meant it too was heading to the locks and would share with them instead of us, but thankfully it pulled in again a bit further along!

Storm worked the locks and the family on the Boat Club boat were keen to explain that they own a two week share which means that in any year they can enjoy two weeks a year aboard with a choice of bases from which to start their holiday.   They love it so much that they’re in the process of signing up with another company to a six week share and they don’t think it will be long before they buy their own boat.

We started the day in glorious sunshine but as we were half way up through the locks it started to cloud over and at the fourth lock it started to spit. We managed to clear the flight, fill up with water and moor and get the hood up before it began raining in earnest.

By four o’clock the sun was shining again but there was a really strange light caused by the sun being behind low lying clouds.

IMG_1878 IMG_1876

Max has found a new resting place on the back step that looks as though it was made especially for him, that is when he’s not sitting outside watching the world go by.




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