Saturday 22 August

Having lost two cruising days this week while we got the computer repaired, and with an eye on the weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday this week, we decided to start our journey back towards Rugby as we have a train to catch later this week.

We filled up with water and emptied our rubbish and then winded just below Cosgrove Lock which meant going down in the lock, winding and then coming back up in the same lock.

I popped to the shop again. Unfortunately by 9am this morning all copies of our favourite newspaper had already been sold and so I came away empty handed.

With Storm’s weather app on his phone showing expected temperatures today of 28 deg C, I made sure I was blathered in sun cream.

We retraced yesterday’s journey and this time we were lucky and had company up through Stoke Bruerne locks which made life easy as I only had to open the paddles on one side of the lock, leaving the other crew member to do their side.

By the time we’d cleared the locks it was mid-day and we continued on into the tunnel. The cool damp air was most welcome today and helped restore my core temperature to normal after the exertions of the locks.

As we exited the tunnel the heat hit us again and we could have been abroad. We carried on through Blisworth aiming for either Bugbroke Wharf or Stowhall Wharf to look for diesel.

We do

We discovered that Bugbroke Wharf was closed and while Stowhall Wharf had diesel, their pump was broken.  We were told that an engineer is coming to fix it at 10am tomorrow and not wishing  to miss a sale, we were invited to stay on their wharf overnight. We accepted, even though this meant that we couldn’t walk off site until the keyholder returns in the morning.  This included the pub which was tantalisingly close (just the other side of the fence). We could have moved the boat across the canal to the towpath but we’ve decided to be good and drink tea instead.



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