Wednesday 19 August


After last night’s red sky we were expecting a nice day.  We moved nearer to Blisworth village to receive our Tesco delivery and took Max for a stroll while we waited.


Blisworth is a very pretty village with some lovely thatched cottages and I particularly liked the complex roof of this one.


The groceries arrived safely although after that  disaster struck!

Our AppleMac refused to open and presented only a blue screen with no icons.  Plans to head for Milton Keynes were postponed and instead we caught the bus into Northampton to visit the Apple shop there.

A very helpful guy suggested that a £49 service would remedy the problem and that our computer would be ready to collect sometime tomorrow.  Feeling reassured we lingered a while in Northampton and did some shopping in BHS and M&S.

We also visited the Tourist Information centre and spotted a couple of interesting leaflets that tempted us to think of spending a day being tourists tomorrow.

By late afternoon it was looking as though rain was imminent and as we’d failed to pack an umbrella or a coat we headed for the bus back to Blisworth.


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