Sunday 16 August

We got up early and headed off, first through Crick Tunnel which was significantly wetter inside today after Friday’s rain than it was last week.

We set the washing machine going as we came back out into the sunshine and carried on to the top of Watford Locks. We were the only boat there and we booked in with the lock-keeper who was busy adjusting water levels and said he’d be with us in a minute. We sat and watched swifts flying in and out of the lock-keepers shed through the tiniest hole in the door.   We assume they’re raising a second nest of chicks as they’re not alone as we’re still seeing newly hatched moorhen chicks bobbing about in the water.

The lock-keeper waved us through and he left Storm to work the staircase locks on his own and only joined us again at the bottom where there was a boat waiting to come up.

Last week when we were waiting to ascend the locks we’d noticed a campervan showroom on the road just beside the lock so this morning we moored up on the now vacant 48 hour mooring just after the water tap and, after hanging out the washing to dry, went off to kick a few tyres. We keep dreaming that one day we might buy a motor home although we’re not ready yet.

By the time we got back to the boat, we were surrounded by waiting boats, and although we were moored legally, we felt we were causing a little anguish by being there as we received a few terse ‘good morning’s. The washing was dry so we took it in and moved off out into open countryside to enjoy lunch and to have a Skype chat with Laura and Summer.

IMG_1751  IMG_1742

We’d arranged to meet up with John again at Norton Junction and so late afternoon we moved off again. We found John and enjoyed a cup of tea and cake on board Kaimy and later we all enjoyed a home-made jalfrezi curry with rise and chapattis on Blackbird after which we went to The New Inn for beer.



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