Saturday 15 August Part 2

When I posted 15 August Part 1, I thought the excitement of the day was over. However after tea we took Max for his evening stroll and noticed smoke rising from the top of Cracks Hill.

We climbed the hill and found a group of villagers standing round the blazing brazier there commemorating VJ Day. The very steep climb to the top of the hill was worth it even though it left us gasping for breath for a few minutes as the view from the top extended at least five miles in each direction.   We also spotted three hot air balloons away in the distance that were taking advantage of the balmy evening.

We hadn’t fully appreciated either just how busy the residents of Crick and Yelvertoft had been in creating Millenium Wood, which now extends both sides of the canal with a maze of footpaths criss-crossing the area and which when viewed from the air makes pretty patterns through the trees.

When we left Cracks Hill we walked along one of the footpaths to the village before heading back towards the canal.


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