Thursday 13 August

At lunchtime today we were expecting our friend John on his boat NB Kaimy to join us in the Welford Arm.


Storm has been on board Kaimy before when he helped John cruise the River Nene from Northampton to Peterborough back in 2011 so today John was keen that I see her and I got the tour of this very compact 45ft cruiser.

After coffee and cake we headed off for a walk. On the information boards at Welford Wharf there are details of five walks that vary in length from 2 miles to 8 miles. We opted for the 6 mile Reservoir Walk as this didn’t include walking beside the canal.

IMG_1715 IMG_1729

We left Welford via Naseby Road and then turned off along the Jurassic Way towards Sibbertoft. This took us over the causeway between two reservoirs; Welford and Sulby – both of which keep the canal supplied with water. We then continued along the path through the parkland of the former Sulby Hall (now sadly demolished) and past the site of a WW2 airfield where there are one or two buildings remaining and a solar farm. We then crossed harvested wheat fields before reaching the pretty village of Sibbertoft.

IMG_1731 IMG_1730

Our return walk took us back through the 1645 Naseby Battlefield and so we brushed up on our Civil War history.   It started to drizzle as we headed back to the wharf and it was only a short time later that the heavens opened and it continued to rain all night.


John had been looking forward to eating at The Wharf pub and enjoying a couple of pints and so we kept him company as the means are good there. (Back on the diet tomorrow!).

When we left the pub  our patch of grass, where we’d enjoyed our picnic yesterday, was a lake that we had to paddle through to get back on board.


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