Tuesday 11 August

We were all up by 8am despite having had a good time last night.   We headed off towards Market Harborough.   James leapt off the boat  to operate the swing bridge in Foxton village and afterwards returned to put the finishing touches to the sausuages he was preparing for breakfast.   We caught up with a hire boat just as we were leaving Foxton village and its helmsman was oblivious to our presence behind him.   He  didn’t exceed tick-over speed over the five miles.

We arrived into Market Harborough eventually at lunch-time and James showed off his expert steering skills by reversing the boat back onto one of the jetties in the basin.    After depositing our BBQ debris in the skip there we headed into town.   We’ve been here before and it was nice to be able to show it off to James & Ali as it is a really pretty market town.   After a stroll around we headed back to the boat, having a drink in the wine bar in the basin, before setting off back for Foxton.

Ali steered for twenty minutes on the way back.  We moored close to Foxton village as we fancied visiting the Black Horse pub.   We got there too early for opening time and so walked via the bridle way to the locks and had a drink in Bar 61 before returning to Foxton village for a pint there.


Lasagne and salad for tea tonight.


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