Saturday 8 August

Storm picked up our ordered newspaper before 9am to guarantee it wasn’t put back on sale if we failed to arrive!   After breakfast we listened to the cricket for just 40 minutes  and then to the moving interviews that followed with both  winners and losers.    Lovely to be on the winning side and with one test match still to play.


Crosswords, codewords, sudoko and other puzzles were completed in the paper and then  we took Max for a walk later in the afternoon when it had cooled down a bit, making sure we were back in time for our Tesco delivery.  This arrived within the first minute of our alloted hour’s slot.  The driver was willing to load his sack barrow and wheel it down the tow path for us.  However, we’d taken our bike up to the roadside and so transferred the goods from his trays into our sturdy shopping bags.   We were his last drop of the day and I think he was quite glad to get off early.


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