Wednesday 5 August


Having exercised Max as we motored, we arrived back into Braunston early and filled up with water and dumped our waste before mooring up right outside “The Boathouse” pub that has mooring for patrons. I’m sure its changed its name again recently as its been known before as The Rose & Castle and The Millhouse Hotel.

Fi had asked if she could come and see us this afternoon as she would like Storm to try to fix a leak in her van roof. We spent about an hour in a lay-by off the A45 with Storm up a stepladder, me footing it, and Fiona passing tools trying to locate the problem and solve it with vehicles whizzing past on the road.   We must have looked quite comical.

We don’t know if the leak is cured as we couldn’t replicate the problem despite pouring bottles of water over the roof so instead we retired to The Boathouse to wet our own whistles and justify our mooring for patrons. This is the first time in six days we’ve drunk anything other than tea, coffee or diet coke.

Fi insisted she treated us to our evening meal there which was really generous. The food was excellent and we were glad the portions sizes were sensible as we’ve been trying to loose some weight recently and didn’t want to undo our good work.

Afterwards we went back to the boat for a coffee and to download to our computer some films Fi had brought with her before she went off to stealth camp in her van in the pub car park.


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