Thursday 6 Augut

As a thank you for last night’s meal, I invited Fi back for breakfast.  The bacon from the butchers in Braunston was superb, thick, tasty and fantastic value. At £2/lb I’ve been back and bought some more!

Fi left us afterwards and we moved the boat across the canal to the towpath side to allow today’s patrons to moor outside the pub. Max and I then went off following public footpath markers across what appears to be Braunston’s common land to visit Wolfhamcote Church. I’d spotted this church as I’d come down the hill from Braunston Church and thought it worthy of a visit. Storm had some work to do for a client so we left him in peace.

We headed off south from the canal across land that was once part of the medieval villages of Braunstonbery and Wolfhamcote.

IMG_1581 IMG_1583

We reached the church via a concrete track that led us  through grassland.   The church is no longer needed for regular worship although it remains a consecrated building and is maintained by The Churches Conservation Society for future generations.   It was a lovely peaceful place surrounded by trees and quite isolated and we had a walk around the outside before walking back to Braunston as by now it was getting too hot and we didn’t want to be Mad Dogs and Englishmen. We spent the afternoon quietly in the shade.



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