Tuesday 4 August

The wind blew us the 6 miles towards Rugby this morning and we winded just after Tarry’s Bridge and reversed back towards Hillmorton Wharf and managed to get close enough to the towpath to leap ashore. We had to lower our plank from the roof though to make getting on and off easier. The bank here is protected by paving slabs that slope into the canal at an angle of about 30 degrees.   This is a rare event as usually we can get right into the bank side.

We headed off to The Canal Shop on the other side of the canal to pick up a replacement fan for our loo.   We noticed this had stopped working last week!  The replacement was free under the guarantee so we bought a second one so we have one in stock just in case this happens again.

This afternoon we moved the boat about 1.5 miles to a better mooring near Barby Wood Bridge and this evening we had a stroll up the hill to the village of Barby. We followed the lane and came back via the well-defined bridle path that leaves the village just after the post office and village store.

As the village is on a hill it was worth the climb to admire the panoramic view over the Northamptonshire countryside. We spotted the Rugby cement factory and this wasn’t where we expected it to be on the horizon as we hadn’t realised to what extent the canal curls around Rugby westwards.


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