Monday 3 August

After yesterday’s cloudless scorcher, today was warm but overcast .


We moved from Napton Junction to Braunston, arriving just before lunch and turned left up the North Oxford Canal and moored up in the first space we found and went off into Braunston village to visit the butchers.   Here we purchased a good supply of reasonably priced fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

With some admin matters to attend to we decided to stay put for the afternoon. We’re heading to Hillmorton Wharf tomorrow for a spare part for our loo, after which we will turn round and head towards the Grand Union Leicester section for a few days. James and Ali are coming back to spend a few days with us next week – yippee.

We’d originally planned to visit London this Summer but we’ve decided to postpone that trip as we’ve got up and coming commitments back home and so it will be easier to stay around the midlands for now.

After we’d listened to this evening’s episode of The Archers, we took Max for a stroll and explored parts of the village we’ve not visited before, heading north along the canal, then we crossed the canal and walked up to the Church, walked along the back road before cutting through onto the village main street, and then following another footpath that took us back to the canal and then beyond to the rear of Braunston Marina.   We then cut back through the marina back onto the canal and back to the boat.

IMG_1561 IMG_1563 IMG_1566 IMG_1567


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