Wednesday 29 July

We woke to a warm summer morning but this was short lived as the sun and showers took it in turns throughout the day to turn the temperature up and down.

Storm spent the morning tidying the engine bay. I stayed close by to be on call to hand things to him, as once in the engine bay it isn’t easy for him to climb in and out.

While on call I spent time pottering and doing various household chores and dealing with some admin matters. We’re still waiting on that phone call and so didn’t go far from the boat.

Max had a couple of walks and sat on the towpath making eyes at dogs that walked by and fending them off his water bowl. Pedestrians were invited to tickle his tummy as usual.

Last night The Home Brew Boat moored nearby and Barry was keen to let us taste his wares.   He offers a full brewing kit for £80 and you can decide whether to brew wine, beer, or spirits. He assures us that good results are guaranteed. We didn’t invest with him yesterday but we have his card and may order something from him in the future, as the sample we tasted was really good.

By evening, both our telephone and internet signals had disappeared again – can anyone explain why it fluctuates so much?


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