Thursday 30 July

We got married 34 years ago today! After an exchange of cards, coffee in bed and a cooked breakfast, we made ready to set off towards the Hatton flight.

When we arrived at the top of the flight all was quiet, with the locks set against us and so we decided to wait and see if anyone else turned up. While we waited we filled up with water and offloaded our rubbish.   Just as we were putting the hose away NB Lynn G joined us. Lynn, Dave and Boxer Dog George were happy to share the locks down into Warwick.


We got into a nice rhythm. After the first lock Dave walked ahead to set the lock and open both gates ready for our arrival. Storm stayed back and closed the lock after Lynn and I had steered the boats clear. Lynn was a bit nervous steering so she left each lock first and I moved the boat over in the lock so we only needed to open one gate making it easier for Storm. Dave met her at the lock ahead and helped pull their boat into the side and I then manoeuvred in beside and closed the gate beside me, by which time Storm had caught us up. After the first lock it was nice to see two boats coming towards us as this meant that the remaining locks would be set in our favour.

The only hiccup to our rhythm was when a volunteer lock-keeper emptied a lock ahead of us as he was helping a boat up the flight and hadn’t spotted us coming down.

It was really nice sharing the locks and having someone to chat to. After 21 locks they gave us a cheery wave as we went our separate ways; Lynn & Dave continued on and we pulled into the Saltisford Arm in Warwick. We’ve been to Warwick before but never moored in the arm as we had thought it was full of long-term moorers.


We edged our way down the arm, winded, and were asked to reverse back up the arm to breast up beside another boat. Sammy Jo was happy for us to moor alongside. Thank you NB Lillyanne for recommending this really nice place.

We spent the afternoon listening to the cricket, which as I type is looking really promising for us this time.

Our phone call finally came in today and that too was good news.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner to celebrate.


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