Tuesday 28 July

There was a strong breeze this morning, albeit a cold one, for drying washing and so I hung out yesterday’s load of bedding.   It had been out about an hour when I spotted it was raining and rushed out to rescue it as by this time it was nearly dry and just needed a couple more hours over the indoor airer.

It was only a short-lived shower and it was time for us to move on. The signal strength at Kingswood Junction is intermittent and we’re waiting for an important telephone call so with phones in hand we set off and pulled in again as soon as we had four bars and a 3G signal.


We are now moored on an embankment near Rowington from where, over in the distance, we can see aeroplanes lining up to land at Birmingham International airport, hear the roar of traffic on the M40 and trains from Leamington Spa to Birmingham Snow Hill, but other than that it is a beautiful unspoilt rural setting. When we first moored up we were all alone but this evening we’re surrounded.

This afternoon Max and I went off together to explore the area and we ended up at Shrewley Common. We’d hoped to be able to walk away from the towpath and perhaps tackle a circular walk, but there was no way off the towpath, even though at one bridge we spotted a public footpath finger post the exit was barred by a huge metal grill.  The hedge beside the towpath was quite dense and we only got one chance to look at the view beyond – a fantastic display of Christmas trees as far as the eye could see.

IMG_1506 IMG_1513

The towpath took us through (or should I say ‘up’) the unlit and a little scary Shrewley towpath tunnel and it was quite a surprised when it brought us out in the middle of the village high street with houses either side.

There is a village shop here that might have been useful for supplies if we’d brought any money with us.   As we hadn’t we just turned back.



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