Sunday 26 July

With rain predicted to last all day we stayed put in Stratford.

As we took Max for his essential walk in the park, we found ourselves watching a time-trial raft race being held on the river. The four man teams had launched their rafts 7 miles up stream of Stratford and by the time we saw them they were about 100 yards from the finishing line and were paddling like mad.

Despite the torrential rain, the teams looked as though they were enjoying themselves whilst they were in the water. By the time they’d got themselves and their rafts out of the water though and were starting to cool down they didn’t look quite so thrilled.

Back on board we dried out and as we couldn’t see anything through our condensation covered windows, we settled down to watch the film ‘Lawless’. We even had the central heating on for an hour to take the chill off. A duvet day!



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