Saturday 25 July

We’ve had a hectic week at home attending various meetings, as well as seeing our dentist for our annual check, and it was good to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for a while as well as our friends we see each time we go home.

James & Ali have enjoyed a brilliant week on the boat, taking it back to Stratford.   They’ve taken it in turns to steer, and do the locks, had a  train journey from Wilmcote to Birmingham, dined out at some of the many pubs along the way and the finale of their holiday was managing to get tickets to see Othello at the RSC last night, which apparently was truly amazing. Sadly we’ve been unable to get any tickets as it is fully sold out this week (well apart from some ‘executive tickets’ at £70 each that we can’t afford).

We arrived into Stratford at lunch time by car after a three hour journey. This wasn’t too bad considering today is supposed to be the worst day to travel by road during the Summer holiday season. The last 20 miles were the most congested and this took us over an hour.

We parked in the car park beside the Red Lion pub where James & Ali came to meet us. They’d had to moor in the basin when they arrived into Stratford on Thursday evening as all other moorings were full, but today the moorings beside the pub were empty so we moved the boat first out of the basin and moored alongside the pub to facilitate unloading the car as we’d bought groceries with us to see us through at least a week.

After an exchange of news, they left us and headed back home, leaving us to unpack, and spend a fairly quiet afternoon reading the papers. The peace was only spoilt by boats coming up from the river who’d forgotten that the speed limit when passing moored boats on the canal should be tickover as otherwise their wash causes our boat to rock and the drawers and cupboards to fly open.



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