Saturday 18 July

We were up just after 8am and stripped the bed ready for next week’s crew.   James & Ali texted to let us know they’d be arriving about 11.30am and so we had a leisurely cooked breakfast and then took Max for a walk.

Isn’t Sat Nav wonderful – they were so punctual!    After unloading their car and stowing bags on the boat, we sat down for a chat over coffee before we reloaded their car with our stuff.

We left them at 12.30 and headed for the M42.  James had warned it was busy but we weren’t expecting almost stationery traffic.  Eventually, after over an hour, we made it to the M1 and at 1.42 as we crossed the River Trent and waved at Pip & Mick on NB Lillyanne (part Wasp) who we knew were passing under this bridge sometime today.

The rest of our journey was uneventful. The 50 miles/hr speed limit in place for most of the journey home didn’t worry us too much as it seems so fast after travelling at less than 4 miles/hr.

Our floating voyage will continue next Saturday, 26 July ….


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