Friday 17 July

After a good night’s sleep despite the proximity to the railway line, we showered and sat down to a cooked breakfast, before moving off and heading north along the Grand Union.

When we passed this way two weeks ago we’d spotted the ideal place to rendezvous with James and Ali, who are coming tomorrow.   It has easy vehicular access to the towpath and easy to find from the M42 motorway.

We motored as far as the Black Buoy Cruising Club, winded and moored up outside the Black Boy pub. The moorings here are for patrons only so I suppose we’d better pay them a visit later!

At the other side of the bridge there are some 14 day moorings which the pub manage which is worth remembering for the future.

I spent the afternoon having a really good sort out and went through each cupboard and drawer thinning out what was no longer needed on board. I was quite ruthless and adopted our original mantra; ‘if it wasn’t useful or beautiful’ it had to go!  I am now feeling quite smug as I’ve created quite a bit of space and thrown out loads of rubbish and we have a pile of rags from clothes that we’ve worn out.

As we’re driving home by car this time, we have the ability to take stuff back with us – I’ll just have to make sure we don’t bring any more back.



One thought on “Friday 17 July

  1. What time do you think you’ll be going over M1 / Trent bridge tomorrow? We could see if we could coincide with you. We’ll wave anyway just in case.
    Have a good trip home
    Pip and Mick x

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