Wednesday 15 July

Last night we managed to reverse the boat back onto the aqueduct to fill up with water and block the canal for 15 minutes.


Looking down at the road below!


Today we stayed put as my sister Ruth and her children, Lucy & Jack, are coming to join us this afternoon. They’re part way through a tour of friends and family in England from their home in Edinburgh.

First task this morning – I had a chocolate cake to make as I knew this would go down well with them. Then I needed to pop into Wootton Wawen for some fresh strawberries and some cream with which to decorate the cake.

The highlight of the morning was that Max had his tummy tickled by Noddy Holder.   He had just got out of a van at the farm shop and Max wasn’t too proud to lie down at his feet and roll over onto his back.   In my teens I might have done the same as I had several posters of him on my bedroom wall.    Anyway I behaved myself today and just exchanged a few pleasantries about Max and then continued on my way.

The highlight of the afternoon though was seeing Ruth, Lucy and Jack and the kids enjoyed playing with Max while we adults spent a good five hours chatting. They left just as the sun was setting and it was such a shame that you can’t take photographs looking into the sun as it was a lovely sight.

IMG_1476 IMG_1477


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