Thursday 16 July

We left Wootton Wawen. (I’d like to say ‘wending westwards’, but it isn’t – it’s north!).


Shorn, Shaun or maybe Sian, the Sheep?

I left on foot with Max and after two miles we arrived at our first lock of the day and did our bit for water conservation as there was a boat coming down and so we waited for them to descend.  After we’d done that lock Max and I continued our walk and did six locks before getting back on board for a brief period before arriving at Lock 32.   We did that lock, and then stayed on board until we pulled in for water at Lowsonford. There were two boats ahead of us waiting for the lock and as the water pressure here was good, by the time we’d filled with water it was our turn for the lock and we had our second encounter with Gormley’s sculpture.


Max and I then walked on to Kingswood Junction, doing a further 7 locks. We got help though with these as there were some lovely Year 10 youngsters on a week-long end of term canal trip who were keen to help us. They’d taken seven hire boats out from Wootton Wawen and were on their way back.   They were a credit to their Cambridge school.

We were glad to reach  our last lock of the day at Kingswood Junction where we were serenaded by an alpine horn.


We turned off the Stratford Canal and moored up just round the corner, but a little bit too near the railway line.  We hope the trains stop at night.

As I write this, after walking 6 miles and running around while I work 18 locks, Max is fast asleep at my feet.  I think I might sleep well tonight.


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